This past May I had the opportunity to teach yoga at a wellness retreat in Cambodia. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. The retreat itself  grew me (between the material that was covered and the people I met and taught) and I pray that my part in it grew the attendees as well.

After each session I led the attendees through a pose that focused on the physical aspect of the emotion we just worked on. Every emotion we have comes through our physical body in some way (be it a tight neck, an upset stomach, or feeling strong enough try something new in our lives).  We can always benefit from moving our bodies in a way that aligns with what we are feeling in our minds.

sunrise at Angkor Wat – Cambodia
letting my body open up and awaken (so much jet lag!) – Cambodia
the beauty of the temple made my mind boggle (Sirsasana pose) – Cambodia
sitting quietly and at peace – Cambodia