Being Present

What does it mean?

Be present



Instead of what not to do, what not to look at, what not to think about-

Pay attention to your breathe. Inhale and feel the slightly cool air coming into your body, pause for a moment and exhale the slightly warmer air out. That’s all. For now.

Whoever you are with today- pay attention. To the eyes, the hair, the wrinkles, the hands- really truly see who you are looking at. Look into the mirror and see yourself- not for judgment, only for observation.

Pay attention.

I am trying each day to sit, observe, to not judge. It’s hard. Sometimes I don’t like it but God wants us to be in the present moment, and yoga teaches us the same thing. Why rush through the day? Each day is a new creation, a new moment in time. Pay attention.


This is yoga.

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